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Tyler, A. (n.d.). Help for shopaholics stop compulsive shopping. Retrieved October 1, 2009, From


In this article, “Help for shopaholics stop compulsive shopping,” it states that shopaholics can cease impulsive shopping by some ways. First, shopaholism is connected with physical and mental relation to shopping. Most Americans suffer from shopping addiction. Next, the author mentions that extreme shopping influences not only the shopper but also the shopper’s family. Also, shopaholics shop because they want to escape from reality. Therefore, shopaholics should realize their own problems. In addition, impulsive shoppers should remember some ways. They should use only cash or check, make a plan about shopping, do not shop alone, and seek experts to treat depression. In conclusion, extreme shoppers can be treated by some ways.


Most women like shopping. When I lived in Korea, I often shopped without a special plan. The author says to “toss all credit cards and only make purchases that can be payed for by cash or check.” I can answer “YES” for this question. Actually, I do not like credit cards. When I was young, my mother often said “Do not borrow money from friends.” I always think if I do not have money, I should not borrow money. Credit cards are not mine. It is borrowing from the bank. Also, the author says, “Do not go shopping alone”, but I do not agree with it. Conversely I recommend that if a person goes shopping, he or she had better go to be alone. In my case, I spend more money when I shop with my friends than shopping alone because if I shopped with my friends, I rather lost my wits. When my friends and I saw nice clothes, we get excited about clothes together and then my friends incite me to buy them. However, when I shop alone, I could control whether or not to buy good clothes. Shopaholism is mental illness. Therefore, mental illness can be treated treatment. After I read this article, I received some good ideas and I want to recommend them to not only shopaholics but also most people.

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